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"Joe Convoy"
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25th-May-2009 06:42 am - As Per Usual, A Wake Up
Beast Mode
Oh dear oh my, something has gone amiss in the state of New Hampshire.

Now the rhetoric is out of the way, what did I miss?

(ooc: please someone say what should be XD)
Last Action Villain
I took care of Doom.

He will not bother anyone, not after Joker's had his fun.

That's one.
5th-Apr-2009 12:15 pm - Hoom, Interesting - [UAE Lock]
Default: Megatron
UAE, I think it's time to stir up a little... mischief as the humans would put it.

Considering that the Syndicate has no idea of our existence so far... I'd say it's time to shake things up a little.

[Attached - Laserbeak Recording of this conversation]

This girl is HALF-DIGIMON. This would interest certain people, and at the same time, throw DATS into chaos.

Find her. Abduct her. But do not give away our status as an Alliance.
4th-Apr-2009 07:24 pm - [locked to Bowser]
Beast Mode
Lord Bowser, I was just wondering something.

Are we planning on throwing our hat in Eggman's men or not? I honestly haven't heard anything from then since they attacked DATS' morale recently.

(ooc: he really hasn't. he's not on the Known Hostile List so he's genuinely curious)
Default: Megatron
OW! BLAST THIS INFERNAL @&^$#^@#^%*#^%#(()&*($^$*!


*cough* I'll be fine. I just need to... go bandage myself.

All right sirs. Wow, who would have thought the bridge over the lavapit would suddenly crumble?

Clearly it's got shoddy wood.
13th-Mar-2009 10:37 am - Again with the UAE Lock
Default: Megatron
That showing in Neon City WAS very impressive. And with such a unique construct as well.

Maybe we should make it a running gag Zedd. You create a monster, and hide yourself so that when the defenders of Tetha or Neon come out to play, they can't even get to you, and are forced to defeat it on their own. I know that with that silly little ordinance in Tetha right now, things will be looking up.

Why don't we take it up a notch and release a monster or three in that city later on? I'm sure that defenders will come out and wreck a few buildings in the process.
1st-Mar-2009 10:53 am - The Urchin Report
Black Agumon
Sirs and ma'am's who are concerned about Alfred, since Nerissa's been found we'll nurse Alfred back to health before we send him back to your care at the Inn. Is that all right?
Default: Megatron

This is Joe speaking.

I'm um... sorry. I found the partner of one Nerissa washed up on shore. And... nothing but her D-Comm.

My condolences.
28th-Feb-2009 12:51 am - [locked to UAE]
Default: Megatron
Zedd. I have someone at UAE HQ that will NOT be happy to see you. I suggest you steer clear for a few days.

Seems that your little tussle didn't quite finish the digimon off.
Menacing Eye
I'm sorry James, but compromise our safety and success here in Mordred and I will hand you over to Shadow to Dispense Justice before handing you over to that Dawn woman for More Justice.

[locked to Shadow]

Be a good hedgehog and do me a favor; run into him a few dozen times to make sure he has the POINT. I don't care HOW you do it just drive our point home.
21st-Feb-2009 11:45 am - That Summer Home
[locked to Mordred People]

Lord Bowser and associates, Urchin and I have been working non-stop and I believe you will be PLEASED at the results!


It has rooms for everyone, and scaled to some of us so that we may fit within easily.

I hope you enjoy it!

[locked to the UAE]

I have built a secondary house, similar to one that I've already made. This one will be our hideaway. It's nice, and it has a brilliant view of the ocean. However this one has the added bonus of underground caverns for any evil plotting to be done.
16th-Feb-2009 12:36 pm - [locked to Mordred people]
Beast Mode
Lord Bowser and company. I'm taking Urchin with me on a little expedition. I feel that a summer home would be appreciated in some place less... fortress-like for those who would like to get away from it all. As such I have gone ahead and asked for the troopas to load some wood and building materials into the wagon.

Is there any place you would suggest more cheery and not in the major cities, please don't hesitate to suggest it.
Default: Megatron
A little bird has told me all about your achievements here in the digital world, yessss. But standing alone will no longer afford us victory, not with so many people here. Allow me to introduce myself: I Am Megatron.

Each of us has achieved limited success in dealing with our enemies, but we cannot afford to be idle when the heroes grow more sure of themselves. Each battle we face only strengthens their resolve. So what I propose is this: an alliance.

You might be thinking "what's in it for me" or "how am I to avoid treachery". Let me break it down for you all.

The world is big enough. Oh yes; taking over a small country is doable, but grabbing the whole behest of it is merely nothing more than a pipe dream without full cooperation with no hidden agendas from ANYONE.

There are too few of us, and too many of them. Robotnik has made his move, creating his own alliance of evil. But there is little we can do besides slip through the cracks which, I might add, is much more productive than launching any assault. Slowly we have begun to undermine operations in many places, weakening resolve through practical movements. No grandstanding, no outright attack that will be repelled. No. We can move in the shadows, undetected for months, as I have been.

Zedd comes with his own venerable army of like-minded digimon and his troops. I come with a power base, albeit one hidden with my own army. Miranda brings stealth and intelligence gathering, something I have noticed from her conflicts within the last few weeks. Eon brings technology and knowledge and understanding of some of our most dangerous adversaries. And finally Rika, oh Rika; you bring the most important facet to any plan: CHAOS.

We all benefit from each other, and unlike a false alliance based on treachery and deceit, I propose we work together as benifiting each other. We share the spoils, the blame, and the work. None of this backstabbing that would be detrimental to our cause, noooooo.

What say you? Together we build a United Alliance of Evil.
14th-Feb-2009 10:33 am - [locked to Sasami]
A little bird told me it was your birthday. No girl should be without cake on her birthday. Cheers.

[Attached - Chocolate Mountain Birthday Cake - Large enough to share in the complex]
23rd-Jan-2009 03:39 pm - [locked to Hoshi]
The cake is ready. Have a good party.

[Attached - Very delicious chocolate cake with vanilla icing]
Default: Megatron
Gentlemen and ladies. It has come to my attention that we must kill James soon, because his ambiguous lack of human sexual reproductive organs and flaunting of transgender horrific imagry across the D-Comms runs far too badly for our image.

In short, the man has no penis: I suggest we relieve him of his torso as well.
25th-Dec-2008 06:46 pm - Cake
[As Joe]

Dear Sasami, I must thank you for your cooking tips so long ago. Enclosed is a cake large enough to share for your whole complex. I would suggest however to realize it on a very large table.

[Attached - Epic Cake That Isn't A Lie]

[locked to Primal]

It IS the spirit of things and I simply don't want to rain on anyone's parade YET. So, Merry Christmas.

[Attached - Little Waspinator Plushie With Removable Parts]

[locked to Dinobot]

Ahem. Merry Christmas.

[Attached - Succulent Bone Meat]

[locked to Rhinox]

No, this is not a lie.

[Attached - Cake]
9th-Oct-2008 11:58 pm - [locked to Mordred people]
Default: Megatron
Lord Bowser, it seems our new "arrivals" have shown up finally. I am going to test the Droid Army today. Drinks and refreshments are provided of course and there is a nice venue set up on the upper balcony for anyone else.

Feel free to relax and enjoy the show.
Beast Mode
Ah Lord Bowser, I have made progress on new and expanded minions. They are ready for testing soon, as soon as I have worked out the bugs in their targeting protocols.

I hope they are up to standard.
Beast Mode
Ah, Lord Bowser. I would just like to take the opportunity to stock up on wines and cheeses for the next time the troops require a little party and we get to withhold it from them. In short, I am headed to Brewfest. I hear there's a drink that tastes like cake. Would you care for me to pick you up a keg or three?
Beast Mode
GAH! You threw off my plotting groove, stupid troopa!

I'm sorry but you've thrown off Lord Bowser's groove.

[sound of troopa being pitched out the window]


(ooc: Bowser's single line and troopa npced with permission)
23rd-Aug-2008 10:08 pm - [Locked to Deadpool]
Default: Megatron
Dear Mr. Deadpool,

I have seen your offer of alliance with the unknown party and quite frankly, I find myself curious to why a man such as yourself would play with someone who is, quite obviously, destined to fail.

Of course, it is none of my concern, and I am a bit too old to actually do anything about this little get-together; but please, inquiring minds would like to know.

Yours Truly,

Joe Convoy
9th-Aug-2008 05:36 pm - [locked to Mordred Castle residents]
Beast Mode
Lord Bowser and associates, it has come to my attention that food supplies in Mordred have become incredibly diminished as of late with the increase in troop strength. As such, Urchin and I will head to Neon City to pick up things at the local "Mega-mart".

Please put in your requests for any and all assorted food supplies in the following replies. Urchin and I will return at the end of the day.

Please be aware that I only make this trip once every couple of weeks depending on how many troops require feeding. If you are in need of sugary delights, now is the time to make your order.
Default: Megatron
o/` Oh Waspinator... o/`


o/` Megatron sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he knows when you're betraying you so you'll get a phazon blast to the face so be good - OR GET BLASTED INTO SCRAP o/`
22nd-Jul-2008 09:58 am - [an anonymous call to Sasami]
Life is not extinguished, merely, CHANGED.

You'd be best to look in on your fallen protector.
8th-Jul-2008 12:54 am - Cooking Duties Gone Right
Miss Sasami, thank you very much for the assist in your cooking tips I'm sorry I haven't replied earlier, but Urchin and I managed to cook a passable dinner. I'm sending some for you to try.

Please feel free to comment on whatever it needs and share with your friends.

[Attached: Sealed Dinner for 4]
So you put da eggs in da bowl and you stir it all up

You put da flower in de bowl and you stir it all up

You put da milk in de bowl and you stir it all up

And you put da sugar in de bowl and you stir it all up!

Oh, so that's how you do it sirs!

Quite right, Urchin. Now, remember, baking is a labor of love, and of patience. Who knows, dearie me, if you wait too long, it'll burn. And if you wait too short, it'll come out underdone.

Already smells yummy sirs! What about those ones?

The seventeen failed ones? Er... hmm.

Ah yes, I know now. Give them to the scientists. I'm sure they'll figure out something to do with them.

Yes sirs!

I am not a foodstuff, I am a living being -- AIYEEEE!
1st-Jul-2008 01:22 am - Hi, My Name Is Joe - Voice Post
Default: Megatron
Curious and curiouser. I have not seen such an event happen since, well, never mind.

This digital world seems fresh and new, and lacking anything familiar in recent times. I must admit -- I am slightly worried. But I suppose Black Agumon and I will have to make due and rely on the kindness of strangers.

Oh, forgive me. I'm Joe.

[locked to all Predacons]
Sound off you sorry slag-heaps. I, Megatron, have arrived. Yessssssssss.

[Voice Post Identification Now Scrambled. Voice Post Scrambled To Keep Identity Secret From Known Maximals]
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